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Day One


Once upon a time there were three friends (and a little munchkin) on a fun afternoon "creating" in the kitchen. Next thing I knew I'd found a new love. A new passion erupted in 2011 with a way to share my creativity and love in every cake pop I designed. Make Your Cake Pop began and I have been having fun in the kitchen creating cake pops ever since.

Whether it's unicorns, one eyed minions, fun theme characters, simple pops with sprinkles, elegant pops, wacky fun pops, wedding pops or a holiday theme - each pop is designed with passion and created with love. For a fun, customized addition to your party make cake pops a part of your next event. Check out our products to see some of the unique creations.


Contact me for more information. I'd be happy to answer any questions you have about creating fun, sugary, cake pop goodness for you. Until then, I wish you many sweet moments and may some of them be accompanied by cake pops created by Make Your Cake Pop! A hobby that will continue as long as there are cake pops to be created and fun people to eat them.

Cake Pop 2021.png
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