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Here we are 10 years later and over 10,000 happy smiles from Cake Pop Fans all over North America! All made with love in my hobby based kitchen. 

Finally taking a moment to update the website by adding a pricing page. I have not published or raised my prices since I started back in 2011. So for 2023 I've made some changes knowing it's time.

NEW for 2023!

Click on this link to learn more about throwing your own cake pop decorating party!

Minimum of 2 dozen cake pops per cake flavour.

Some exceptions will be allowed if other orders will accommodate the addition of smaller numbers. So please submit your exception request and if it can be accommodated it will be. A second cake flavor can be chosen after the 2 dozen minimum has been selected. Additional cake pop flavors must be ordered by the dozen. Additional fees may be charged for specialty orders, odd numbered orders and specialty flavors. Please inquire and we will do what we can to accommodate your request!

Basic 'Make Your Cake Pops':

One cake flavour, dipped in one colour only, no design but choice of sprinkles - $35 per dozen – 2 dozen min.

'Make Your Cake Pops' multiple colours (2), stripes or sprinkled: 

One cake flavour, two colours -start at $39 per dozen - +$3 per additional colour, per dozen - 2 dozen min.

Fancy signature swirled 'Make Your Cake Pops':

$40 per dozen, includes up to 2 colour choices per 2 dozen. $3 per additional colour per dozen.- 2 dozen min.

Character and special shape/designer Make Your Cake Pops': 

Start at $4.00 per cake pop and UP based on detail and time. Very detailed character pops take much more time, materials, and work and can cost $5-$7 a pop. We are happy to combine basic cake pops with character cake pops to help create a themed dessert at the best price possible. Examples can be seen below. Character cake pops can be priced individually within your order of 2 dozen, or can be added on individually once you have met the 2 dozen minimum. Please email for an exact price quote.

I trust that this is enough information to answer some of your pricing questions!
Please don't hesitate to contact me for further information. 

Samples of Make Your Cake Pop Options 
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