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“If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.”

— Nikola Tesla

Frequency of Life

"Future medicines will be the medicine of frequencies"

- Albert Einstein

The Process has worked.  The accumulation of human experience, carried both within our genetics and the Akashic Soulful records has reached a critical mass.  It is not a coincidence that this all is occurring with the beginning of the Age of Aquarius, the ending of the Age of Pisces, the ending of the Long Count Cycle on December 21, 2012 of the Mayan Calendar.  

Frequency of Life is a response to the evolutionary period of the human condition we refer to as, The Awakening, and for those who are awakening, we endeavour to support you through this uncomfortable, perhaps chaotic, period of transition. 


Awakening is a complete departure from the frequency we were, that so much of humanity continues to be, as we move into the frequency of understanding, acceptance, allowance and unity.  Imagine being tired of the radio station you are listening to and having to endure the static and noise as you search for that next radio station, existing within its own bandwidth, that is now aligning with the frequency you have become or are preparing to become. 


This is not a metaphor, this is a literal description of the physical process we humans who are awakening find ourselves.  The difficulty for us is that evolution does not happen all at once.  There are people who are coming onto this planet with a higher vibration because they represent the crest of human evolution but they are having to live within and cope with the lower vibration of a human condition that is being left behind but is still very real.  Again, this is not pleasant for us, but as we move through this Process it becomes easier as we become clearer with respect to what is actually occurring. 


We are not preparing for a retirement, or the collection of as much physical property or money as we can. We are not preparing for just this life time or the next, we are not even preparing for the next seven generations as some wise civilizations from our human past have done.  We are preparing ourselves spiritually, physically and emotionally for the next 10,000 years!  The belief in a finite, separate, self has worked because it has set the stage for an evolved, more accurate belief, the belief in the infinite, unified self, and because it has worked we must look further, because we can.

We, the Awakening, at the Frequency of Life, see through the denial, the pretense and the subterfuge that is the vestige of the human condition of the last 10,000 years!  Continuing to literally kill our home our mother Earth, and each other, in the name of personal survival is not survival, this is suicide of a species because whether any of us like the evidence or not, this is the consequence we have created.  Humanity, collectively, are not Homo Sapiens, wise man/woman.  This may be our potential but this is not who we are, not generally speaking.  We could instead, and perhaps should, refer to who we collectively are as, Homo Dormientes,  'man/woman sleeping' except........ some of us are Awakening.

The difficulty of Awakening, especially into a world that is still so asleep, is that what is so plain for us to see is impossible for the majority of the people closest to us, in most cases our biological family.  So we have to find new family, people who understand the sensitivities we are born with, and these too are members of our family, our Soulful family.  We have to find hope, some beacon of light in a world that is truly just so very dark, regardless how much 'excitement' and distraction they try to throw our way.  Our higher frequency demands this of us, creating all of the discomfort we feel having to try to function within the old frequency, the frequency of fear, so we will discover the promise that is waiting for us.

The importance of recognizing all the damage we humans have created and must feel is not, however, to focus on that damage.  The real story here is that just as we possess a power to destroy on a global scale, we also have the same power to heal!  Not using our power for productive loving purposes is not a sin.  We are simply and have simply learned the way the Process was designed, from the consequences of our actions while we were asleep.  This is referred to as the 'hard way', but there has been nothing wrong done by any human being, ever.  This statement may very well have decidedly upset you and if in your judgment of this statement you are upset, you now must be asked, "Are you ready to react differently?  Are you ready to recognize that it was only human judgment that ever created all of the pain of humanity in the first place?"

In order to have a different experience we have to believe and react differently.  Albert Einstein noted this aspect of the human condition and we maintain, in keeping with Einstein, that up to now humanity has only acted in a very insane way. This is not a criticism, not a judgment, simply an accurate observation based upon the evidence at hand.  Please draw your attention to the very first sentence of this introduction, 'The Process has worked.'.  There is a Process.  Everything that exists can only serve the purpose of the Process in a reality created on purpose.  This is what we teach, this is who we are.

We accept the insanity humanity had to be, for the memory of it will serve as the foundation for the Awakened society to come to appreciate everything they have become.  Appreciation is the key, for within appreciation nothing can be taken for granted, every moment a reminder of what we have earned.

We have a formula at Frequency of Life, a formula that everyone deciding to follow us, work with us, support us and help us grow are free to follow in whole or in part.  First and foremost, we recognize that we are spiritual Masters, having come to Earth to have the experience of spiritual awakening in a physical body.  What this means is that we have to learn to properly care for a physical human body, but not for the sake of the body per se, but because of the true spiritual connectedness and development of higher frequency abilities that only a healthy body can support.  How can we possibly accept and discern with our minds, truth, when all our bodies will let us focus upon is relief, relief or distraction from the physical pain we are in because our health is compromised?  We can't.

The second aspect of the formula is to now dedicate ourselves to Awakening and this is accomplished by moving our beliefs into alignment with the frequency that in the most real way is responsible for the existence of physical reality in the first place, the vibration that is acceptance and allowance.  In order, however, to be truly accepting and allowing we have to understand the purpose Creation is serving.  This is the answer to the question, "what is the meaning of life?"  Does it not follow that if we are asleep, and while we are we believe that life is about us and getting what we want, that when we awaken we could discover that life was never about us at all, except what we are giving to Life?  This belief is a complete departure from everything we have been taught and for good reason.  Humanity has been asleep.


This is the teaching for the next ten thousand years of human evolution!  This is the teaching and it is not necessarily easy, but it should be easier for you than for me, and it should be easier in turn for those to whom will teach than it was for you.  The teaching of course will grow, just as with every death and birth human collective memory and experience does the same.  Can you see that experience is both the means and end of Creation?  That experience is both the fuel and the engine that ensures experience can only change and grow with each new cycle?  If you can't but you are attracted to the discovery of this idea please take heart, there is time and you are right where you are supposed to be.  

Can you imagine a time and place of your being that no longer harbours the emotions of urgency or anxiety?  I couldn't either, except I did know that there simply had to be relief from them, a relief beyond sex or drugs or alcohol or depression. Relief beyond that which was never really relief but instead only a brief distraction.  This place does exist but doesn't come from me or anybody else. Instead it comes from you being able to understand what you truly are and this can only discovered by you when you also understand your/our place within creation.  You/we are, a representation of the Power that is all of Creation, what we have recognized as Consciousness.  You/we are not separate, we are one, and yet we are a singular representation individually discovering this truth.  You represent the All, with a creative capacity, a sentience that is celebrated throughout the universe.  And you are Awakening.

So first you have to make your body strong, especially energetically, vibrationally strong.  We have products available to help you achieve this and we also have advice.  We have a vision and a belief system that should you decide you wish to explore further,  we will share this with you.  We believe that humanity is evolving into the complete awareness of the powers that we are, and this awareness results in complete transparency for each and every one of us to know and exercise these powers. 


Children are being born and growing up in our very secretive and controlled society asking the questions, "Why are you trying to lie to me?"  "Do you actually believe that I can't see what is really going on?"  "Are you not able to see for yourself?"  "How can you be responsible for me and teach me what it means to be a human being when you don't know yourself?" 

If you are prepared to begin exploring the truth of who you are, who we are, forever beings having the experience of discovery through the human perspective, absolutely loving ever having been asleep because that whole time, and because of all the pain created, you were only being prepared to Awaken,

we invite you to explore this website.

Your Awakening Continues!

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